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Giving for joy - THE JOY OF GIVING ...

To give gift units of 50 kr / month

So, not trained teachers, at Tellus Art Academy can earn more than 150 DKK in salary per month



To give to someone you do not know


During the last years, when I have been telling about my work with Tellus Art Academy in India, and about the challenges regarding the wage conditions for the teachers

Several have asked me - if it was possible to give an amount -so that the not educated teachers can get a better salary.

A salary that makes it more attractive to teach at Tellus Art Academy

A salary that can make teachers interested in being employed for a long period of time.





 The background for Tellus Art Academy salary project

· The teachers at Tellus Art Academy currently receive a salary of 1500 INR (150 kroner). This is less than half of what they can earn from factory work.

· The salary of the school's Heatmaster and the five employees not trained teachers is paid solely by the school fees paid by the parents.

· Most of the school's pupils come from families where the school fee of 150 InR is a lot of money. If the school chooses to raise the price, to provide better wages, many families will not be able to send their children to school.  - As I experience it, it is one of the school's most important tasks to offer education to this particular group of children from economically disadvantaged families.

· The school is in an exciting pedagogical development, with courses and training in a more student-activating and innovative learning style. The teachers show great interest and seem very committed to this different approach to learning.

· That teachers can be employed at Tellus Art Academy for as long a period as possible. To create security and continuity for the students. To get the most out of the teaching development.


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