Earlier works
Can I help you with anything... London
Cleaning up - putting out
BUY FOR JOY - Pearl necklaces
Found object... Facebook  
Indien Februar
-Uttarayan Art Fondation, Vadrodra, Gujrat
-The Art of Living Foundation, Banglore
Facebook - Fælles eje...
Berlin -International Artmoney Festival
Group Exhibition Copenhagen -Waiting for Noah
Women art-project - 100 womens give coins  -  Joy of giving
International Art event in Nordeast-India
Starting sewing project in India
Collective crochet hugs, there were no longer in use, -for workshops with schooll girls in India
International letter-dialogue workshop for children in India and Danmark 
International Art event in Abu Dhabi
CAN I HELP YOU WITH SOMETHING ... Buisnesscard in Sweden, Germeny and Denmark
Women art-project - 100 womens give coins
Roskilde, Denmark -Economic Crisis
Roskilde, Denmark -THE LAND OF HAPPINESS Sept. 2013
Goa, India, Creative Street Wall Painting, Mural
Goa, India -Directorate of Art and Culture, Patto,Panjim
Indien  -  International workshop
KOLI - Environmental Art Festival, Finland  
Stockholm, Sweden, Tellus-art event and Exhibition, Kulturfuren
Workshop for children - Creative Arts Laboratory
København, Denmark -We still wants to be friends, Kødbyens Sculpture Park,
New York, -Gallery Gathering of the Tribes -Artmoney
Angels Christmas Calendar   Facebook
Samart, Art Exhibition Køge, Denmark - "Economic Crisis"
Kødbyens Sculpture Park, Copenhagen,  "We are friends"
Kulturfyrens on Skeppsholmen, Stockholm, "Art Beyond Boundaries"
Female art project, part 2 - "Women gives coins"
Madison Square Park, NY - USA.  "WHAT DO WE SEE"
Roskilde By, Roskilde, Denmark - GAVEN/The Gift
Samart, Køge, Denmark - Eachother
International Art Projekt In India "Keep Our Planet Alive"
Habitat Centre, New Delhi, Global Annual Children Art Show, India
Lokayata Artist's Gallery, New Delhi, Indien
Opening of new studio - Dyssen
Gallery Art Compas, Copenhagen - Tellus art
Garagen, Copenhagen -- Viewers
Helligåndshuset, Church, Copenhagen -- Elevated unrest
Samart, Køge -- Being part of
Roskilde City park, Roskilde -- Inside the Frame
Slagslunde - Land-Art --  2growth
BIØ. Copenhagen  -- I Lay as Dead In Your Arms and -- Combover in all ages
Ejby Ådal - Land-Art -- What Comes and Goes
Charlottenborg Kunsthal, Copenhagen -- Always Room For One More
Esplanaden, Copenhagen -- In line
Frederiksberg, Copenhagen -- Moderate disasters
Farver Hammersgård, Roskilde -- Dots in the Landscape
Samart, Køge -- To Afford
Gallery 19under, Copenhagen -- Christmas at Countryside and City
BIØ. Copenhagen - My Name in a Frame and -The Other Side
The Lakes, Copenhagen - I Walked Across.....
2020, Copenhagen -  ZOO-2008
Skovbo Art Society, Borup -- Space are Created     
Roskilde City park, Roskilde -- White Cube     
BIØ. Copenhagen -- The Goal has Been Reached  -  Double up on Everything    
Samart, Køge - To be Seen
Gallery 19under, Copenhagen -- Christmas in Denmark     
BIØ. Copenhagen -- Absolute Eye Level   --  Freely Floating opportunities
The Lakes, Copenhagen -- Tower in the Lake     
BIØ. Copenhagen -- The End is Near  --  The Gift of Invisibility   
Samart, Køge -- The Chauffeur is Giving Away Candy     
NLH-space, Copenhagen -- Rainfall Leaving Nothing Without Being Seen
BIØ. Copenhagen -- Where the Ocean Ends     
BIØ. Copenhagen -- Thanks for Loans
BIØ. Copenhagen -- Have we not meet before     
BIØ. Copenhagen -- So ein Ding muss ich auch haben
BIØ. Copenhagen -- Point of no Return
BIØ. Copenhagen - Room 
Samart, Køge   
Gallery Katarsis, Copenhagen -- The Lyrical Room     
Gallery Økologi, Copenhagen -- The Fruit, the Tree and the Rest    
   2001 - 2002
Participated in smaller exhibitions

  Pernille Toft Lund