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A village school in India, which is -the second part of a social art project

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Visit in February 2016


Parents meeting ... when we started at. 9 there were five fathers showed up ...

I thought -it is hard to see this as a success ...

-but after an hour so there were more than 50 parents or grandparents.

Subsequently, I got them to visit the classrooms where I had instructed teachers to tell -how students were doing - "fun learning"














The young teachers love to talk and learn about other ways of teaching pupils...

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Puzzles are a great joy

They are from 2013 as -100 women gir coins... bought books, etc. to the library


Workshop where all students are making bookmarks, for the library book they are reading in ...




An afternoon where former students were invited to visit, great to see them again



This visit by an entertainer who passed the school and entertained for an hour - he was just so beautiful, and the kids howled with laughter ...



The swing is a great joy -also fos me -when I see the kids rush to get a swing -

there can happily be 24 kids rocking at the same time ...







A father with his own children and the neighbor children ...


Visit i November 2015


On this visit I had invited Headmaster Dorthe Junge and I believe it was very inspiring - for both of us

We had bought six solid plastic boxes with tight-fitting lid - that in this way the library books could come out of the classrooms, and therefore easier to use




Waiting for transport home

This is 4 girls, of a family of eight girls ...

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