Building a Swing

  Tellus-Art Academy...

A school in India, which is -the second part of a social art project

Denmark - India and India - Denmark JOY OF GIVING ...



This drawing by Peter Varhelyi, was the starting point for swing project  ...


It was a good experience to negotiate with the local craftsmen around the construction of the swing



This forging company would help us, and we negotiated to resolve -that they would give a portion of wages.


So were purchased iron, and I went with.











There were some problems with the construction -but we reached an understanding, and I thanked in my mind
-that I have been so much with my father -and learned to think in practical solutions ....















The parts were welded together -it stood straight and was leveled wery nice

But the pipes had some welded chips - there could destroy both the children's clothes and tear them ...



So they sharpened it nicely and the result being almost evenly




It was great in the morning, to see the children's reaction when they saw the swing, still without swings ....

























Now, the final assembly, and the swing can be suspended

And that is time to get a swing before returning to Delhi and away from Kaliyanwala for this time.



BUT lacking the proper screws

and we have to run without swing ....





A few hours later, these photos -and where it's just a good feeling.









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